current projects:

- Gomark: Golang based project

- BitcoinTechWeekly: Weekly updates on Bitcoin technology (maintainer and chief editor)


- Gitea: self hosted git repositories (github mirror)

- GUM: A simple Goroutine unit manager for GoLang

- HugoBot: Automated content fetch and aggregation bot for Hugo data driven websites

about me:

Currently focused on Bitcoin / Lightning and Rust.

I have a background in systems and networking. I wore many hats including: SysAdmin/DevOps, IT Architecture, OpSec, backend and frontend dev, clusters and networking and few other IT fields of interest.

On the programming side I have many years of experience with Python/Golang and feel comfortable with C-like languages. Currently Rust.

I also have a modest interest in ML and Deep Learning (CNNs, RNNs and GANs ) within ethical boundaries. For curiosity I finished the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree.


- email: